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You've Found Real Handmade Soap!

Call it handmade soap or handcrafted soap, herbal soap or natural soap.  Whatever you call it, if you found it here, then it's made completely from scratch.  Real handmade soap - from our hands for yours - the gentlest, silkiest, most latherful soap you can buy.

We welcome you . . .

Suds by Sarah

Leslie's GardenAt, you'll find soapmakers of handmade soap -- small companies and large, from all over the world, who make a vast variety of handmade soap.  You'll find scented soap, unscented soap, colored, swirled or layered soap, round soap, rectangle soap, herb-filled or just plain and simple, white soap.  We work from our kitchens, our workshops or our manufacturing plants.  We sell our soap wholesale, retail and private label, at shops, craftshows and farmer's markets, on the web and through the mail.  Our customer base is nationwide and worldwide.

Luce Soaps & PotionsThere is a common denominator, though, one that sets our site apart from others.  Our soapmakers do not use a pre-manufactured melt & pour base.  Each and every soap manufacturer found here at makes their handmade soap completely from scratch!  

SierraSnowSoapsOur soapmakers begin with raw ingredients and they can and will be delighted to describe each of their ingredients to you as well as explain, in detail, the process they use to manufacture their soaps. 

The Purple Sage
Following Seasons
So settle back, click on our links and learn about our trade.  We are proud to take our individual places amongst soapmakers who use time-honored traditions and techniques to make our soaps completely from scratch.


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